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You’ve Got Mail … Everywhere!

What are the odds if you asked the proverbial “woman-in-the-street” “Are you using your Smartphone more than you did a few years ago?” the answer would be yes! Close to 100%. Here are some stats to back that up.

  • In 2020, the number of global e-mail users amounted to four billion with a little over 300 billion emails sent daily. These stats are expected to 4.6 billion email users and 376 billion emails every day by 2025.

  • In 2017 about 81% of users accessed email from smartphones. According to Adobe, 85% of users now use smartphones to access email while checking emails via desktop and laptop computers.

  • Using desktop and laptop computers for checking emails is going down year-over-year; 74% of users reported checking their email via desktop and laptop in 2018, compared to 69% last year.

  • Mobile devices show up to 30 characters from an email’s subject line. Looking at mobile vs desktop email opens it’s important to note that desktops show 60 characters of an email’s subject line.

  • More than 50% of email campaigns are viewed on mobile.

  • Checking email is what 58% of adults do first thing in the morning.

What Mobile Users Check First in the Day

What strategic implications does this increased use of Smartphones have for email marketers? Here are a few to ponder and, maybe, monitor for 2022.

  • 70% of mobile email users delete badly formatted messages in under three seconds.

  • Mobile emails have a 65% higher likelihood of bringing customers to your website.

  • The average person received around 121 emails per day in 2019 and 126 emails per day in 2020. This means that users received an average of 45,990 emails each year, 5.25 emails per hour, or approximately 1 email every 12 minutes. It clearly grew in 2021!

  • Gen X consumers account for 92% of all email users. Millennials are next with 89% of them emailing, and Gen Z ranks third, with 85% using the service.

  • Mobile email trends find that 40% of users from all age groups expressed that email is both an essential and fundamental communication form in their lives.

  • Native advertising is one mobile marketing trend you can expect to see dominate the first half of 2022. Instead of popups, you have ads that look like normal content.

This article was compiled via a directed internet search for “smartphone email stats”. Sources include Email Monday, Fast Company, Campaign Monitor, Wordstream, Adobe, Marketing Profs, Statista,

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