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The Strategic Toolbox

Tools for Thinking Strategically


When challenges arise, most people start with the problem, which is the exact wrong place to start. Instead, the Six-Step Process will shift the focus away from the problem to the best starting point – the vision! Then, in the subsequent steps of the Six-Step Process, you will develop a clear action plan to help you achieve your vision. This easy-to-use process has helped hundreds of people and organizations achieve massive results.

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# (Books reviewed are chosen independently. As an Amazon Associate I may earn from qualifying purchases.)


Read this book to learn how to create a lead generation plan, work with both inbound and outbound marketing, nurture your leads and track ROI on your campaigns, and use lead scoring.

In this chapter of Lead Generation for Dummies, you’ll learn about:

  • Getting started with lead generation

  • Understanding the changing landscape of the marketer and buyer

  • Amplifying your marketing with lead generation

  • Forming a complete lead generation strategy

Download Chapter 1 of this free eBook Now!

# (Books reviewed are chosen independently. As an Amazon Associate I may earn from qualifying purchases.)

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Email Subject Line Generator

It's cool, it works, it's free!

Why do people open emails?

  • They’re expecting your email (e.g. you’re delivering a lead magnet you promised them)

  • They trust and enjoy emails from you

  • Your subject line promises them something they want

  • Your subject line makes them so curious they have to click

Try this free tool at ActiveCampaign to stimulate your brain and your audience.

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Planning a Strategic Email Funnel from GetResponse -FREE

Its a great checklist!

I use this kind of free stuff all the time to help me stay between the curbs, support specific goals, craft content, build automations and re-targeting programs, modifying the  steps to suit the audience.  Its a great checklist!

Publishers, whether digital or print, have been creating and using marketing funnels for decades.  Have you ever signed up for a free issue of a magazine and then received regular promotions, each one better than the last?  Sure. 

GetResponse created an infographic that maps out the stages and related email tactics to reel in loyal customers.

Download it now.  It's free!!

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On Writing Well Cover.jpg

On Writing Well

The Classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction

William Zinsser

HarperCollins, 2016 #

7 sample chapters well worth the time to read if you're serious about writing good content.

 From the Introduction to On Writing Well, 30th anniversary edition.

“E-mail is an important medium, not conducive to slowing down or looking back.  It’s ideal for the never-ending upkeep of daily life.  If the writing is disorderly, no real harm done.  But e-mail is also where much of the world’s business is now conducted.  Millions of e-mail messages every day give people the information they need to do their job, and a badly written message can do a lot of damage.  So can a badly written Web site.  The new age, for its electronic wizardry, is still writing-based.”

The 30th anniversary edition contains three new chapters and many new passages that place new emphasis on the writer’s voice and on issues such as intention, character, and making decisions.

# (Books reviewed are chosen independently. As an Amazon Associate I may earn from qualifying purchases.)

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Understanding Your Customer

Free Buyer Persona Templates from

ActiveCampaign's Small Biz Tools

What makes a marketing campaign successful? Knowing your audience. Buyer personas can help you understand the needs of those you serve (or want to serve). Use this free template (+3 examples) as a guide to identify your ideal buyers, and craft effective, targeted messages that lead to conversion.

Download the 6 page PDF

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Creating Valuable Content

An Essential Checklist

By Ahava Leibtag

Content Marketing Institute

Before you start using this checklist, it’s important to understand how to use it. The first thing is to get the right people involved. Then share the checklist with your team.

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