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Klayvio ups their game via CDP

Marketing automation platform provider Klayvio announced the launch of their integrated Customer Data Platform (CDP). According to the August 15 press release,

"Unlike most customer data platforms, the Klaviyo CDP offers advanced analytics to help businesses understand their audience and performance. Plus, the CDP seamlessly connects with Klaviyo’s intelligent marketing automation applications, so businesses can store, manage, analyze and activate their customer data from a single vertically integrated platform."

In layman terms, customer purchase data and site activity gathered for Klayvio clients thru API integrations can now be collected and queried by the classic direct marketing RFM (recency, frequency, monetary value). The practical result for clients, especially larger ones using a collection of analytical vendors used by multiple departments, is they can now consolidate data analysis through one vendor and make it consistent across the operation.

The screen shot, from Klayvio's CDP demo splash page, below, shows an example of a funnel analysis of a repeat customer list segment and email click activity that leads to placing an order.

According to the company, "The Klaviyo CDP is accessible to marketers of any technical skill and requires minimal implementation — existing Klaviyo customers can get started in minutes." Integrating customer purchase data into an affordable RFM platform has long been pursued by small to medium sized e-commerce companies with limited budgets.

Kalyvio's CDP opens the door for many SMB's that have been hobbled by lack of budget or lack of in-house data analysis resources. If you are a small business and want to learn more about Klayvio and try out their platform for free, Click Here.

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