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Thomas Kothman

Skill and Experience

Innovative, forward-thinking, proactive business leader committed to results achieved through enterprise focus, actionable persistence, and operational integrity.  Demonstrable in-office and remote project management skills and capacity.  Creative and economic application of emerging technologies.

Range and Scope of Experience

  • Organization management

  • e-Commerce websites

  • Email Marketing -numerous platforms

  • B2B and B2C community building

  • Print and digital graphic and content production

  • Intellectual property development and delivery

  • Sales management

  • Consulting

  • Books, magazines, newsletters, websites and blogs

  • 20 years collaborative remote work and project management

Marketing Accomplishments

  • Re-design and re-launch of two national trade and one association publication resulting in significant circulation, advertising and revenue per page growth.

  • Customer file growth ranging from 10% to 54% through circulation planning, demographic targeting, segment response analysis

  • Conceived and managed cooperative research projects with Apple, NY Times, International Data Group, International Thomson

  • Created numerous blogs, PR campaigns, cooperative advertising and publishing projects resulting in increased market share, visibility and authority.

  • Re-design of CMS and backend integration for niche e-Commerce enterprises in apparel, medical, music, and marine markets.


  • Google Analytics’, Adwords, Affiliate Network, SEO applications and KPI dashboards

  • Developed sales and circulation planning tools resulting in increased response rate up to 300%, sales up to 100% and online conversion rates exceeding industry averages.

  • Updated customer data profiles via external providers resulting in reallocation of marketing budget, improved ROI and customer LTV.


  • Developed strategic plans and managed associated goal setting, resource assignment, staffing, monitoring and evaluation for seven enterprises

  • Integrated review procedures of financial and operational metrics into organizational SOP

  • Implemented various skills training, collaborative work groups, employee morale programs and study groups.

  • Served as retained COO advisor to several family business owners/presidents.

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