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Marketing Technology for Small to Medium Size Companies

A January, 2022, survey conducted by GetResponse/MAX and Ascend2 explored the marketing technology tools (martech stack) employed by middle market companies. The technology that marketers utilize is driven by the needs and expectations of their audiences and the tools required to deliver the best possible experience.

Survey respondents

The Outlook on Marketing Technology for Middle-Market Organizations, represents the opinions of the 135 marketing professionals responding to the survey from mid-size organizations with 50 to 500 employees. The primary marketing channel reported by the respondents was split 50/50 between B2C and B2B.

Goals for 2022

For middle-market companies, customer experience is top-of-mind as marketers implement new solutions and optimize their tech stacks in the coming year. 59% of respondents ranked this a the top goal. Increasing engagement is also an important goal for 45% of mid-market marketers surveyed.

Limiting the number of tools

Three basic tactics to achieve these goals are email marketing, landing pages, and autoresponders. Nearly two-thirds (64%) of middle-market companies have martech stacks that are comprised of three to five solutions. By limiting the number of tools used, marketers can control the experience delivered throughout the entire customer journey.

Importance of First Party Data

According to the survey, the collection, analysis and use of first-party data will be critical to the success of any organization's marketing strategy in the year ahead. 93% of marketers surveyed agree that first-party data will be a key component of their 2022 strategy. Examples of first-party data include

  • demographics

  • purchase history

  • website activity

  • email engagement

  • sales interactions

  • chatbox data

  • landing page forms, and more.

Download the full report at

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