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Strategic Lead Scoring

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

One of the most useful email marketing tools is lead scoring. Here are three reasons to approach lead scoring strategically.

The contact’s “state-of-being”

Thinking about lead scoring taking into account the contact’s situation requires you to ponder and assign a strategic value from the contact’s point of view. Is opening an email worth the same to every contact? What if you are running a re-engagement automation for the “disengaged”? Getting a disengaged contact to re-engaged and say “Hey, OK. I’m with you!” by opening a re-engagement automation email may, in fact, be worth more than a contact who routinely opens emails but does nothing. They both opened emails but who’s engaged more? It’s important to consider the relative value, life cycle stage and motivation behind each these actions and value accordingly.

Lead magnets are not created equal.

Confession: I’ve never been able to get Facebook to justify the investment in maintenance, content creation and advertising. That’s probably because I tend to focus on if/then transactions and measurable results like revenue. Others have had great success – or claim to – with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. in converting leads from those platforms into strategically important actions. If 5-star reviews from FB followers bestow credibility on a program, it may be strategically more valuable tomorrow than generating a sale today.

Assign value based on demographics

Strategic lead scoring is more than measuring engagement. Strategic thinking considers the innate value of a contact’s demographics. I’ve done a lot of B2B marketing to the accounting industry. There are 354 Metropolitan Statistical Areas in the US. A review of the 2010 vs 2020 Census data reveals growth and migration rates. CPA’s provide tax prep and accounting services to individuals and the businesses that serve them. Strategically it is not a grand leap in logic to assign a higher value to a CPA based on their MSA’s current population, growth potential and industrial characteristics. Assigning score values based on demographics immediately enables list segmentation, event targeting and more.

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