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How Apple iOS 15 is Impacting Email Marketers

In September 2021, Apple’s iOS 15 data privacy program, which included its Mail Privacy Protection protocols, sent shivers through the email marketing industry. Now, a little over half a year in effect, what’s the impact. According to Hubspot’s blogger Maxwell Iskiev, 65% of 300 email marketers surveyed say they’ve been impacted by both Apple’s iOS 15 updates and GDPR.

In response 62% of impacted email marketers started prioritizing different KPIs to measure the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. The KPI hit the hardest by iOS 15 is email open rates. With the update, users can prevent email marketers from seeing when and if they opened a marketing email.

The second most popular strategy is leveraging user data from sources unaffected by data privacy changes, used by 52% of impacted email marketers.

Furthermore, 28% of email marketers responded to privacy changes by focusing on improving email deliverability. That translates into leveraging strategies like maintaining a healthy email list, providing easy unsubscribe options, personalizing emails, using engaging subject lines and preview text, and making sure your emails and mailing list are GDPR compliant.

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