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LinkedIn Adds Newsletters for Company Pages

In 2021, LinkedIn's worldwide user base was approximately 774.61 million users and is projected to reach 1,034.56 million users by 2025. As of November 2021, LinkedIn claimed that 57 million companies were listed on the platform.

So what’s the big deal about Newsletters on Company Pages?

First, understand the difference between articles in an individual’s time line and newsletters. When you publish an article, it goes on your personal timeline. Followers have to scroll though the timeline to discover it. In effect, if someone finds your article it’s because they happened to find it. With a long form, sequential newsletter subscribers get notified, increasing the likelihood of them reading it. Looked at another way (I’m an old publisher) articles are like a newspaper (lots of different content for many interests) and newsletters are like a magazine, developing communities around related topics ... like email marketing! LinkedIn Newsletters are similar to email marketing in many ways, and this content option offers the best of both worlds (social media and email).

LinkedIn does not let anyone create and post company newsletters.

According to LinkedIn, “To maintain a safe and trusted environment on LinkedIn, we grant newsletters access to members and Pages based on a set of criteria. All criteria must be met.

The criteria for Newsletters access are:

· Audience base Members and Pages with more than 150 followers and/or connections are eligible to be evaluated for LinkedIn Newsletters access.
· Recent shares of original content (any type) We look for members and Pages who have experience creating original content on LinkedIn (For example, creating posts with text, images, or videos, publishing articles, etc.) to evaluate if they will be able to make the most of LinkedIn Newsletters.
· A history of abiding by our Professional Community Policies We want to ensure our members have a safe, trusted, and professional experience on LinkedIn, as defined by our Professional Community Policies. Only members, Pages, and their admins that have a good standing record will be considered for Newsletters access."

How to create a company newsletter

1. Go to the Resources section of your LinkedIn business page and then the Creator hub. Look to see if the Newsletters feature is turned on (it will show as “available”).

Newsletters should be an option for you if you meet LinkedIn's criteria stated above.

2. Click “Write an article”. Create your content and then click “Create a Newsletter”.

LinkedIn offers some tips on creating effective newsletters:

  • Use a name that clearly articulates the content focus of the Newsletter.

  • Include your logo and a cover photo for every article.

  • Keep headlines concise and direct.

  • As you share the Newsletter, engage followers by adding a question or a few lines of commentary.

3. Note the custom LinkedIn Newsletter link which you can use to promote your Newsletter on LinkedIn and other platforms.


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