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Networking and Follow-Up Emails

Ok, so now you’ve made a contact with a potential client at the monthly Business After Hours event. You want to follow up but have questions like:

- When should I follow-up? Too soon, too eager. Too late, too bad.

- How much should I say? Too little? Too much

How much thought should I put into the infamous subject line? Surely they’ll open it because I just met them? Or maybe not?

Hubspot has given some thought to this common networking dilemma with their recent post, 16 Templates for Follow Up Emails After a Meeting, Conference, and More by Kristen Baker. This post provides 16 useful email templates for cases such as

  • · post-event

  • · asking for a meeting

  • · follow up to the follow-up meeting ask

  • · promoting your business

  • · post meeting thank you, and more.


:This post also provides a link to 30 more follow-up email templates to download free.

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