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Top 10 Questions for Engaging an Email Marketing Consultant

Why engage an Email Marketing Consultant? The premise is that engaging an email marketing consultant is more time and resource efficient, will deliver a more informed recommendation, will aid in the establishment of or migration to the new platform and generally result in a more successful shopping experience than DIY.

Here’s a checklist of the Top 10 Questions to ask when selecting and engaging an Email Marketing Consultant.

1. Is the consultant platform agnostic?

2. Does the consultant provide an email program audit?

3. What is the extent of the consultant’s hands-on email experience?

4. Has the consultant worked with marketing teams before?

5. What parts of the email workflow can the consultant perform?

6. Is the consultant strategically focused?

7. Does the consultant have working relationships with software providers’ internal support staff?

8. Is the consultant available for on-demand problem-solving?

9. Are the consultant’s clients like your business?

10. What is the consultant’s compensation method or schedule?

If engaging an Email Marketing Consultant is something you want to explore, please contact me for an initial, no-cost consultation to discuss your email program and your objectives.

Regardless, to assist in your shopping efforts subscribe to my bi-monthly newsletter, Email Marketing Today for actionable tips and insight into state-of-the-art email marketing developments.

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