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Ultimate Email Marketing Benchmarks for 2022

Campaign Monitor has released its “Ultimate Email Marketing Benchmarks for 2022: By Industry and Day.” Campaign Monitor is part of the CM Group , one of the largest email marketing companies in the world. Brands include Campaign Monitor, Emma, Sailthru, Liveclicker, Vuture and Selligent.

The report analyzed over 100 billion emails sent across all of CM’s platforms 2021 globally. While the benchmarks will give you better insight into how your emails are performing relative to others in your industry, because they are global averages you should consider the specific competitor and other factors in their application. Here are a few selected benchmarks..

Best Day to Send Emails

Worst days to send marketing emails

The report identifies the worst performing days (global averages) for sending emails.

  • Sunday ranks at the bottom of open rates with 20.3%.

  • The lowest click-through rates are not surprisingly on the weekend. Saturday & Sunday both come in at 2.1%.

  • For click-to-open don’t expect much on Friday-Saturday-Sunday with a low of 10.1%.

Caveat: While this data is academically interesting, you should carefully consider your own audience and run email tests before blocking entire days off your campaign calendar.

Email benchmarks by industry

Impact of Apple’s MPP on Open Rate

From the study,

“For those unfamiliar with Mail Privacy Protection, it’s a new privacy feature, released by Apple in September 2021, that gives users more control over their data when it comes to their inbox. MPP effectively disables open rate tracking by pre-fetching (or downloading) an email and its images (including each email’s tracking pixels). By doing this, MPP is marking an email as opened, artificially inflating open rates for each user that has opted into the new feature.”

The impact on open rates is easy to see on a month-by-month basis tracking Apple's MPP’s staged released.

The full report also includes suggestions to improve your metrics (opens, click-through rate, click-to-open rate) or decrease troublesome metrics (unsubscribes, bounces). Whether you’re wondering if your click-through rates (CTR) are too low or your unsubscribe rate is too high, this report provides perspective.

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